Haunted Holomatrix (HaHo)

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Haunted Holomatrix (HaHo)

with Darqun Sturminyt


  • Audiocast


  • Dark Poetry
  • Gothic Poetry
  • Horror Poetry
  • Terror Poetry


  • Christopher Myers
  • Darqun Sturminyt


  • Lewis Carroll
  • Elijah Crutcher
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Darqun Sturminyt
  • Xynarah
  • More!


  • Imagine walking into a room containing highly technological equipment that can not only create three dimensional images and sounds, but give those images and sounds depth into the other senses of touch, smell, taste, balance, heat, motion, and more. This equipment, the “holomatrix” creates these computer generated realities for entertainment and enjoyment. However, imagine that something goes wrong. The holomatrix becomes haunted and the ghostly engineers find the darkest, gloomiest, and most horrifying stories to force upon their victims. In almost irony, a poetic justic, they choose their stories from the most macabre poetry they find. Now… imagine that you cannot escape their torture!
  • This is… the Haunted Holomatrix.
  • Several storylines continue throughout the Haunted Holomatrix show and flow over into the less poetic dark stories of the Tiny Tales of Terror. Such storylines include … Of a VampyreThe Amazing Adventures of the Airship Aeronautilus, Daniel Werewolf, and others.

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