A Letter from America (ALfA)

Joker Harley Production Studios


A Letter from America (ALfA)

with Darqun Sturminyt


  • Audiocast


  • Informational
  • World Events
  • Conspiracies


  • Darqun Sturminyt
  • Darrel Vince


  • Darqun Sturminyt


  • Originally developed for Spitfire Radio in Birmingham, Midlands, UK, by request of the late Lee Kirby, A Letter from America started as a satirical look at the life of typical Americans and their government. Added features included new movie releases, Conspiracy Corner, and more. The show moved to the new Shining Stars Radio station also based in Birmingham, Midlands, UK as Darrel Vince moved to his own radio station with Darqun Sturminyt heading the US relations.

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