Historical Time-line

1984 (personal)

  • Assigned as trainer for new recruits into US Army National Guard and for MOS specific training

1986 (personal)

  • United States Army National Guard
    • Additive M designation to MOS as indication of trainer status offered,
    • but turned down in favor of Officer Candidate School for US Army National Guard

1999 (personal)

  • Bricmont
    • Technician for local web site creation for private company and advisor for sister international company based in Germany
    • Worked as primary on camera crew, primary programmer for training software, secondary on network infrastructure, and secondary on editing and 3D animation


  • Nets Fx computers created in August by requirements to provide requested workstation, server, and network client demands


  • United States Army National Guard
    • Nets Fx computers resources for both computer related and media / entertainment issues
    • Performed reconnaissance missions as camera operator


  • United States Army National Guard
    • Nets Fx computers resources for database design and implementation and training of public relations team with media software


  • Spitfire Radio
    • Nets Fx computers work with UK based Spitfire Radio owned by Lee Kirby as voice talent for “American” dialect for marketing
      • along with marketing direction
  • Nets Fx computers becomes Nets Fx


  • Spitfire Radio
    • Created and voiced the hit audiocast A Letter from America,
      • show was taken to Parliament as an example of international cooperation


  • Auteurs Media production studios
    • created for creating audiocasts and video productions
  • Darrel Vince leaves Spitfire Radio creating the Shining Stars Radio station
    • jointly with Auteurs Media production studios focusing on the UK with highlights of UK and US relations
  • Auteurs Media production studios
    • creates several voice acted advertisements for various clients of the Shining Stars Radio station
  • Auteurs Media production studios
    • continues the A Letter from America and adds the Haunted Holomatrix audiocasts


  • Auteurs Media production studios
    • designed, coordinated, and edited advertisement for St. John the Baptist School for release in Cinemark theater


  • Auteurs Media production studios designed and edited opening sequence for the Hookah King for Glickman-Markanson Productions
  • Worked with owners of the Dependable Drive-In to produce advertisement videos


  • Auteurs Media productions studios grew into and redesignated itself as a collective of professionals in the media and entertainment fields
  • Dark Golem Media studios created in February forming an east coast studio after splitting from Glickman-Markanson Productions


  • Joker and Harley Productions
    • created in January
  • Joker and Harley Productions
    • joins the Northern Appalachian Film Co-operative in June
  • Mystic Niche shoppe
    • created in August
  • Joker and Harley Productions
    • renamed to Joker Harley Productions Studios in September for more correct goal and activity description