Brief History

The company was reformed in January 2016 and specializes in movie theater advertising, audiocast production, on-line video, voiceover talents, and documentaries.

Originally founded as a computer company with media/entertainment capabilities, NetsFx Computers evolved into a fully capable audiocast production company. NetsFx produced training video for the steel production industry, and training and mission videos for the US Army. NetsFx worked with the U.K. radio presenter Darrel Vince with the late Lee Kirby’s Internet radio station: Spitfire Radio, where the audiocast A Letter from America was born. The show moved to the jointly owned and operated Internet radio station: Shining Stars Radio (@ShiningStarsRad) and added the successful dark poetry of the Haunted Holomatrix audiocast. As the station was preparing to premiere, the decision to make the company an entertainment/media company was agreed upon and NetsFx became the Auteurs Media Production Studios. Auteurs Media then produced advertisement video air at a local office of the popular chain of movie theaters, Cinemark, and worked with the owners of the Dependable Drive-in Theater (@TheDependableDI) to produce advertisement video. Growing, it became a collection of great media/entertainment personnel that worked in or with Auteurs Media as cooperative partners. During the production a reality show concept, a separate company was formed focusing on documentaries and horror, Dark Golem Media. With the extreme amount of talent of media/entertainment available in the Auteurs Media FaceBook group and the drive from the Circle of a Silent Moon FaceBook group, Joker  Harley Production Studios formed in January of 2016.