Joker and Harley Productions

Joker and Harley Productions is owned and operated as a business in the entertainment and media industries and owns the right to the name.

The name for Harley is derived from a nickname used whereas the nickname is derived from a white very well worn hat with Harley Davidson written upon it. Joker is derived from another nickname that was derived from a bad use of a killer clown joke that went bad (Harley hates clowns [and rats]). Joker and Harley are nicknames used for the founder of Joker and Harley Productions and in no relation to any persons, living, dead, fictional, or otherwise.

Joker and Harley masks represent the comic and tragedy masks of movie making. Both masks are white with red “paint” across each right eye (left as you are looking at the mask) and green across the left eye. The masks also have vampyre fangs to represent two of the primary characters in the first production created solely within Joker and Harley Productions (Frank Messmer and Jesi Cosa).

All media and statements (posts, publications, etc.) on this site and its extended Internet reach are properties of Joker and Harley Productions and written permission is required to duplicate all media and statements unless otherwise noted.


Joker and Harley Productions is not affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Brothers in any manner. For further information on the characters of The Joker and Harley Quinn, please visit their web site and related web sites.

Due the nature of Joker and Harley Productions, the likenesses of The Joker and Harley Quinn will appear on this web site from time to time, but is restricted to public appearances by fans using cosplay or other public appearances as the characters and not from Joker and Harley Productions directly. The colors of The Joker (purple, white, and green) and Harley Quinn (red, white, and black) are not used to help avoid confusion. The site colors are green, red, black, and white with cyan/turquoise, yellow, and white for most of the lettering. The base colors are red and green along with black and white.