Weekly Update 20160829-20160904

Here you find the updates to what is happening at

  • Joker and Harley Productions
  • Mystic Niche Metaphysical Shoppe
  • STO Collective
  • Circle of a Silent Moon.

Joker and Harley Productions

“Serious Insanity”

  • Media production with focus on events, promotions, and advertising
  • Media production creating both video and audiocast shorts (five [5] to fifteen [15] minutes long)
  • Media production working with Internet radio
    • Shining Stars Radio station (SSRs)
    • Joker and Harley Radio (JaHR)

Mystic Niche Metaphysical Shoppe

“Gifts for the Gifted”

  • Shoppe for metaphysical items
  • Sharing metaphysical ideas
  • Promoting other metaphysical shoppes


“The Distinguished Star Trek Online Fleet”

  • Mostly casual players
  • Fans of Star Trek and science fiction, but with daily lives (real lives)
  • Fleet created during the Open Beta release of Star Trek Online
  • The fleet is “Collective” and referred to as “STO Collective” outside the game
  • Members tend to be in the media and entertainment fields
  • More for socializing than hard-core gaming

Circle of a Silent Moon

“Luna always watches this Circle”

  • A family of like-minded individuals
  • Peaceful, creative, magickal, gothic, dark

Joker and Harley Productions

  • Media Outlets
    • Web site
      • Improvements to JaHP member pages
        • Xynarah
        • Witch of Stitch (added)
        • Chooch (renamed)
      • Downloads sections added
        • Downloads uploaded, but not yet connected
      • Staff
        • Members added or modified
          • Chooch (George Silsby)
          • DJ Opiate (Opal Ridings)
          • GWow (Guinavere Nesbit)
          • Harley Wilde (Cassie Gillespie)
          • Joker Wilde (Jay Myers / Darqun Sturminyt)
          • Kid Katz (Aurora Hutton)
          • Witch of Stitch (Val Chouinard)
          • Xynarah (Kristine Krutcher)
        • To investigate, install, and configure a Project Management tool
    • Twitter
      • Tweets scheduled through the 1st
        • Oh yeah… gotta create a tweet for each day of the month!
    • FaceBook
      • Joker and Harley group
      • Joker and Harley page
      • Tiny Tales of Terror (TToT)
      • Darqun Sturminyt
    • YouTube
      • Playlists created for
        • Bat Radio
        • Xynarah Gothic
    • Shining Stars Radio
    • Joker and Harley Radio
  • Series
    • The Amazing Adventures of the Airship Aeronautilus (AAAA)
    • … Of a Vampyre (Vamp)
    • Bat Radio
      • Several new videos by Chooch
        • See staff page
      • Script for mini series episdoe 0005 “Cave Visitors”
        • Current: Revisions for new character outline in process
        • Next: Voiceover acting
    • Daniel Werewolf
      • Discontinued as a series to itself
      • Found in “The Amazing Adventures of the Airship Aeronautilus”
      • Found in “… Of a Vampyre”
    • Shamans
      • Script completed for EP0001
        • Current status: Voice acting
    • The Afterlife of Tala Weston (Tala)
    • Threshold
      • Considering defuncting and replacing with new series
    • Outbreak (Outb)
      • New science fiction series being considered to replace Threshold
      • Current discussions on approach
      • Separation of original storyline from copyrighted material
  • Social
    • Upcoming
      • Events
        • MosaiCon 2016
        • Staff
          • Witch of Stitch (Val Chouinard)
        • Details
          • See events
          • See staff page
      • RaidCall
        • Create channels for
          • Joker and Harley Productions
          • Northern Appalachian Film Co-operative
    • Completed
      • Oil City Film Festival
        • Staff
          • Joker Wilde (Jay Myers / Darqun Sturminyt)
        • Details
          • See events
          • See staff page

Mystic Niche Metaphysical Shoppe

  • Media outlets
    • Web site
      • Created initial front page
    • Considering PInterest page
    • Twitter
      • Account created


  • Media outlets
    • Web site
      • Needs pointed to pages within JokerHarley.com and not to the front page
  • Game events
    • Darqun to be in game on 20160908
    • Collective forming on the XBox version of Star Trek Online


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