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Welcome to J&H Productions Studio.


The company was reformed in January 2017 and specializes in movie theater advertising, audiocast production, on-line video, and voice over a talents.

Originally founded as a computer company with media/entertainment capabilities, NetsFx evolved into a fully capable audiocast production company. NetsFx worked with the U.K. radio presenter Darrel Vince with the late Lee Kirby’s Internet radio station: Spitfire Radio, where the audiocast A Letter from America was born. The show moved to the jointly owned and operated Internet radio station: Shining Stars Radio (@ShiningStarsRad) and added the successful dark poetry of the Haunted Holomatrix audiocast. As the station was preparing to premiere, the decision to make the company an entertainment/media company was agreed upon and NetsFx became the Auteurs Media Production Company. Auteurs Media then produced advertisement video air at a local office of the popular chain of movie theaters, Cinimark, and worked with the owners of the Dependable Drive-in Theater (@TheDependableDI) to produce advertisement video. Growing, it became a collection of great media/entertainment personnel that worked in or with Auteurs Media as cooperative partners. During the production a reality show concept, a separate company was formed focusing on documentaries and horror, Dark Golem Media. With the extreme amount of talent of media/entertainment available in the Auteurs Media FaceBook group and the drive from the Circle of a Silent Moon, Joker and Harley Productions formed in January of 2016.

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